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Primatic Ltd, is based in Haifa, ISRAEL, has been serving manufacturers since 1985 and is recognized as national leader in the field of custom automation, and systems Integration focused on assembly >>Read more
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Primatic Ltd., which is located in Haifa, is one of the Israel’s leader companies in the field of assembly machines, handling and robotics industries.


The company was incorporated in 1985 as an importing, marketing, manufactory machine Design Company. In the company there are a total of 15 employees, including Sales, engineering, production and customer support.


Our goal is to produce and deliver assembly machinery, vision systems, software and applications, handling and robotics systems that will satisfy the customer requirements and, most importantly, ensure a long-term relationship.


Primatic well known for its technological strength, which enables it to offer advanced and innovative automation solutions, its experience to develop patents and technical products, its competitive prices for quality engineering, its ability to design, manufacture and deliver highly reliable automated assembly solutions in complex projects.


We are able to quickly assemble systems optimized for particular products and production volume. We create design solutions that will fully meet customer specifications and are customized to assure the success of the project.

In addition our company is an experienced manufacturer automatic machines for training and special purpose ammunition for military small arms.


Our range of machines includes:


- high speed linking machine
- semiautomatic linking machine
- tracer bullet paint machine
- clipping machine (NATO)


With more then 20 years involvements within the ammunition business our company offers a wealth of knowledge and as developed technical cooperation links with a number of international partners, who are the leaders in specific areas of ammunition technology.
The marketing departments give solution in (distributors of those companies):


* Feeding systems manufacture by AYLESBURY AUTOMATION (England).
* XYZ Gantry Robots, GUDEL (Swiss).
* and more


Primatic Ltd. serves a wide variety of industries such as:


* Metal industry
* Plastic industry
* Pharmaceutics and medical industry
* Electrical and electronics industry
* Others


“When our customers entrust us with an order, we accept this responsibility with respect. We truly believe and understand that our customers are the most important people associated with our business.”
A. Primo