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Clipping Machine

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For 5.56 caliber Ball and Tracer with Metal/Plastic charger clip goes into 5 pouch bandolier (150 bullets), Rate of 250 bullets PPM.


Machine Description


Two machines positioned side by side and over a belted take o conveyor. Each machine is built around an eight station rotary indexing drum.
The clips are automatically fed from vibration parts feeder to the indexing drum via a length of horizontal tracking.
The balls and tracers are fed from a pair of rotating vibration parts feeders. Positioned at the discharge end of each track of the feeders there is a pair of vertical cascade magazines which will finally present the balls and tracers stacked in single file.
Mounted below the cascade magazine, a single pneumatically operated slide, having 10 ball/tracer locating grooves. This slide is oscillate backwards and forwards beneath the cascade magazines filling all the locating grooves with the required ball/tracer configuration transferring them directly into the clip within the drum.



Benefits and Advantages


  • Standard machines with proven technology
  • No consumable parts
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • A user friendly HMI with 17″ touch screen, industrial PC based
  • Compact machine / small footprint
  • Can clip balls and tracer in any required combination




  • L5200 X W2000 X H2800 mm
  • Weight: 2950 Kg




  • Bandolier System – organize the clips each 180 and then charger clip goes into 5 pouch bandolier (150 bullets).
  • Color Inspection Vision System – This system will check for the correct configuration with regard to tracers/balls allowing them to continue within the system.
  • Bulk Storage Elevator – To elevate the products to the bowl feeders.



Clipping Machine Product Brochure Clipping Machine Product Brochure