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Packing Machine

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For 5.56 caliber Ball, Blanks & Tracer, Rate of 250 bullets PPM.


Machine Description


Carton Erector (operates at 15 cartons per minute)
On demand a blank carton is leading to dispensed and transferred to the former via a servo driven transfer mechanism. The open carton being transferred along the accumulator conveyor.
Packaging Machine
This machine is built around a servo driven indexing conveyor. There are eight stations alone the indexing conveyor.


  • Station 1 – Transfer the Formed Cartons
  • Station 2 – Locate the Cartons for Filling
  • Station 3 – Feeding, Escaping and Filling the Cartons The balls fed from a pair of rotating vibration parts feeders and down to a short length of gravity feed tracking. Positioned at the discharge end of each track there is a vertical cascade magazine. Mounted below the cascade magazines is a slide having groove for the balls. A Four axis robot pick up the balls from the slide and place them into a carton.
  • Station 4 – Close the Carton Side Flaps and Top Cover
  • Station 5 – Dispense Glue to the Underside of Flap
  • Station 6 – Fold and Close the Flap
  • Station 7 – Ink Marking
  • Station 8 – Weight Check and outlet conveyor



Benefits and Advantages


  • Standard machines with proven technology
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Servo drives for precise glue dispensing and carton positioning
  • A user friendly HMI with 17″ touch screen, industrial PC based
  • Compact machine / small footprint




  • L7100 X W2400 X H2450 mm
  • Weight: 2640 Kg




  • Collating Table – To assist unloading from the end of the packaging machine.
  • Bulk Storage Elevator – To elevate the products to the bowl feeders


Carton Packing Machine Product Brochure Carton Packing Machine Product Brochure